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studioDA is the design and research office set up by Pereen d’Avoine and Nilesh Shah (Russian for Fish) and Pierre d’Avoine (Pierre d’Avoine Architects).

studioDA is the combination of two internationally renowned architectural practices.

We are a team of makers, theorists and creators, connected by our pursuit of an architecture that is innovative, crafted and above all humane.

We continually develop and reform our approach using research as the driver to inform and evolve our design concepts.

Our approach is pragmatic, rational, and collaborative with clients and consultants in order to seek out the best and most appropriate response to brief and context.

In our approach we encourage the evolution of a ‘circular’ economy, ecologically as well as socially, which we think is a more sustainable approach than the current linear economic system which disregards climate change and environmental degradation and threatens humanity’s existence.

We bring wide ranging skills and experience at the highest level in response projects across a wide of scales and programmes.

London is our home, however, we operate internationally as a highly qualified, diverse, experienced and motivated team with work in Africa, the Caribbean, East Asia, Europe, Russia and the UK.