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For the 2019 10th Anniversary of Clerkenwell Design Week, studioDA and Atelier One have collaborated on the design of a pavilion to feature in Spa Fields Park. Designed to create the impression of a giant winged insect, temporarily alighting among the trees, the pavilion takes the form of a vast canopy of lightweight recycled fabric. Its legs are formed from painted tubular steel, which is camouflaged against the surrounding vegetation, helping to emphasis the canopy’s scale.

As a focal point of the event, the pavilion provides shelter from unpredictable spring weather, acting as a place for CDW visitors to pause, gather and converse in the open air, soundtracked by the rustle of leaves. Lighting installed on the underside of the canopy lends a feeling of theatre to the ground beneath, and the pavilion’s glow becomes a beacon, drawing visitors in – like moths.